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Legislative Summaries

Senate Concurrent Resolution 26 - Introduced by Senators Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) and Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights), SCR 26 urges the Congress of the United States to immediately enact legislation to prohibit the practice of separating families at our nation's border and to order the President of the United States to use all possible means to reunite the detained children with their parents. This resolution was offered in the Senate in June of 2018.

House Bill 138
HB 138 would establish a toll-free equal pay hotline that would allow workers to make anonymous complaints regarding employers discriminating in the payment of wages.The hotline would be operated through the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, which currently files individual or group charges of discrimination for investigation. "Ohio workers should be able to discuss their salaries and report discrepancies without fearing they will be treated different, demoted or fired," said sponsor Rep. Janine Boyd. This legislation has been referred to the House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee where it awaits a hearing.

House Bill 461 - Introduced by Representatives Teresa Fedor of Toledo and Tavia Galonski of Akron, HB 461 seeks to strengthen the 2012 Safe Harbour Act  by requiring a juvenile court to hold a delinquency complaint in abeyance if the court has reason to believe that the act charged might be prostitution related or that the child might be a victim of human trafficking. The bill also provides that the same elements for the offense of trafficking in persons that apply to a victim under the age of sixteen also apply to a victim who is age sixteen or seventeen.