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The Public Policy Center (PPC) executes our mandates by building the civic engagement capacities of Hispanic Ohioans and advising the Governor and Legislature on issues impacting the Hispanic/Latino Community.

The PPC strives to arm Hispanic Ohioans with the data, contacts, and civic engagement support that they need to become a permanent and powerful part of the political process in Ohio.  Additionally, the PPC provides testimony on pending legislation, provides the state government with up-to-date data and conducts on-demand research on important issues impacting Ohio Hispanics, participates in policy-shaping task forces and committees, and shares updates, news articles and upcoming events that concern Ohio's Hispanic community. Furthermore, the PPC also evaluates state initiatives and proposals for their impact on Hispanic Ohioans, and suggests new policies, rules and administrative procedures for the state to adopt.

To this end, the PPC arranges meetings with legislators for constituents, provides aspiring advocates with education on specific issues and on accessing the process generally, promotes and encourages voter registration, helps arrange and provide voter protection services, refers constituents to state agencies and closely work with them to provide solutions for Hispanic constituent issues and mails frequent updates on pending Ohio law and policy of special relevance to Ohio Hispanics.

To read our statutory mandates, please see our What We Do page or Ohio's Revised Code §121.32 and §121.33.