Capacity Building/Training Resources


This page will be updated frequently to include links, information, and other types of resources that can help community organizations to improve their services for Hispanic communities, or to help organizations in starting projects or services intended for these communities. If you have or know of any valuable resources in this regard, please forward them to:


Resources for Health Programs:

The Department of Justice and the Office for Victims of Crime have recently released the Existe Ayuda (Help Exists) Tool-Kit, which provides service providers with culturally competent and bilingual resources for assisting Hispanic victims of sexual violence. The goal is to build the cultural competency of service providers while facilitating access to services for Hispanic individuals. This will serve as a great tool for those who are interested in starting Spanish-language programs, and for those who wish to expand their programs to meet the needs of Hispanic communities. The tool-kit includes power-point presentations, glossaries to help with translation, and other valuable tools.

By clicking here, you can access the tool-kit and increase your program's ability to raise awareness about sexual violence to Hispanic communities, while better serving those who require assistance.

Resources for Workforce and Economic  Development Programs:
Ohio Means Jobs 

Ohio Major Employers

Ohio Department of Administrative Services  (Ohio DAS)

Minority Business Assistance Centers  (MBAC)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Resources for Education Programs:

USCIS offers a free Civics and Citizenship Toolkit to community organizations that assist immigrants aspiring to become U.S. citizens. The toolkit provides educational materials that focus on both naturalization and civics. For a list of eligible organizations and to register for a Toolkit, CLICK HERE. Interested individuals or organizations that do not qualify to receive a free toolkit may purchase a copy from the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) Online Bookstore. For additional citizenship information and educational materials, be sure to visit the Citizenship Resource Center.

Resources for Administrative Support:

Handbook for Nonprofits: Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's Office

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Letter of Inquiry (LOI)

Agenda Latina 2014 ( New Level Group):

Building Sustainability for Nonprofit Organizations

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