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Organizations Development Center - Build

Madeline Lanese​
Organizations Development Coordinator
(614) 728-8345

The Organizations Development Center (ODC) focuses on building the capacity of private-sector, not-for-profit community organizations working for the benefit of all Ohioans, with a specific focus on organizations for and by Latinos, and supports Latino leadership and empowerment initiatives.

The ODC develops, coordinates, and assists other public and private organizations that serve Spanish-speaking people in producing training programs for community organizations and strengthening their capacity to serve.  The center also focuses on leadership development and empowerment opportunities that build Hispanics representation. In addition, the ODC reviews, promotes and applies for grant opportunities from governmental and private sources to be administered by the office or subcontracted to local agencies/organizations and accepts grants or gifts to be administered by the office or subcontracted to local agencies.

The ODC accomplishes these objectives by developing training programs for community serving organizations and Hispanic leadership; it works closely on capacity building with Latino non-profit organizations and researches/creates grant opportunities in partnership with Federal & State government, private foundations, and other sources of funding. In addition, the ODC monitors community programs of the Commission which are subcontracted to local community organizations - primarily those organizations of, by, and for Hispanic Ohioans, with a secondary focus on Hispanic-community-serving organizations.


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