Latino Health Summit 2019

"We are no longer passing by, we ARE Ohio" These powerful remarks from OCHLA's Executive Director, Lilleana Cavanaugh, set the tone for this year's Latino Health Summit. With these remarks, Lilly Cavanaugh encouraged attendees to celebrate the Latino presence in Ohio: a place no longer the bridge to a new destination but a new home. Held at The Ohio State Univerisity's Fawcett Center, healthcare providers, representatives and active participants congregated to engage in meaningful discussions regarding cultural competency and humility and their effects on the quality of healthcare provided. Following the remarks of Cavanaugh, Alicia Pagan was next to speak. She made note of her culturally inspired Puerto Rican attire, a dress native to her heritage and stated that it acted as a form of non-violent social justice. Ms. Pagan spoke of society's discomfort with the idea of the "other" and how humanity can be found when recognizing the gifts others have to offer. Next, Dr. Kim Kehl gave a presentation on the effects of transgenerational trauma and the importance of shifting thinking from "what's wrong with you?" to "what happened to you?" (View his presentation below). Following these introductions, the summit broke off into various sessions, all with different perspectives on how to best improve healthcare, what the best practices are and how language barriers affect patients' quality of care. The day concluded with Keynote Speaker, Lisa Stewart, giving a presentation on working together with other communities to improve healthcare overall and testimony from Spanish speaking patients on how interpretive services affect their experiences. Overall, the event was a success and left attendees and presenters alike with important questions to ponder.




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LHS Welcome Presentation

Kim Kehl:Trauma Informed Principles Through a Culturally Specific Lens

Medical Interpreting Best Practices Panel
(Valerie Huang, Melissa Mackey, Amy Helder, Natasha Curtis)

Medical Spanish Across the Pipeline
(Christine O'Dea, Parizad Dejbord-Sawan, Ligia Gómez, Christine Rizkala, Cortney Benjamin, Robbie Daulton, Kristen Humprey)

Demystifying Remote Interpreting
(Sarah Stockler, Paloma Peña)

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