6th Ohio Latino Health Summit - 2017

The Ohio Latino Health Summit is an event that brings together health experts, organizations, and individuals in order to shift the community's focus from a curative approach to health disparities into a preventative approach.

This years Theme:
Integrate • Educate • Empower


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DUE DATE September 1st

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Jornada Latina on 2017 Summit

La Prensa on 2017 Summit

Presentations & Workshops (Click On The Links For Videos)

Keynote Address:
"In Health and Life Hispanics are more Statistics"
Dr. Antonia Novello, Former US Surgeon General.

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Breakout Sessions:
"Training the next generation: Developing a health care workforce to serve Latino Populations in the future"
Moderator: Christy O'Dea, MD
Panelists: Ligia Gomex, MA, Andrew Parrish, MSIV, Diane Ceo-Difrancesco, and Derek Petrey, Ph.D.

"Navigating the Heathcare System" Panel
Moderator: Cathy Rafales
Natal Care: Araceli Ortiz, Primary Care: Maria Messer, and Navigator Expert: Emily Fischer

"The role of Integrated Behavioral Specialists in Healthcare"
Dr. Larry Graham/ Mercy Heath

"2017 Health value Dashboard"
Amy Rohling McGee

"Community-Partnered Approaches to Latino Health in Cincinnati"
Farrah Jacquez, Ph.D., Lisa M. Vaughn, Ph.D., and Student Presenters

"Grassroots Best Practices in Behavioral & mental Health" Panel
Moderator: Regina Vogt-Purdon. LISW-S
Panelists: Dr. Angela D. Ledgerwood, Ph.D., Maritza Maldonado Dyers, Dr. Maria Espinola, Psy.D., Sarah Madrigal MSW, LSW, and Dr. Michelle C Stoyell-Conti, PsyD


"Psychiatric care For Hispanics, It's More Than Just Medications"
Roberto R. Soria, M.D.

"Facing The Opiate Crisis Panel"
Moderator: Judge Marilyn Zayas.
Panelists: Dr. Anahi Ortiz/ Franklin Co. Coroner, Judge Melissa Powers, Judge Lisa Allen & Daniel P. Meloy

Mini Grants & Latino Health Scholarship
Christy O'Dea, MD
Laura Moese & Brent Wilkes

2017 Latino Health Summit "Champion of the Year":  Dan Almaguer

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2017 HLS Launch

Champion of The Year Award and Closing Remark