Ohio Latino Health Summit 2012


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First Series of Workshops: Building a Framework of Knowledge

                                 Building the Knowledge and Resources for Diabetes Prevention 

                                 Occupational Health, Injury and Illness 

                                 Mental Health Panel : Mental health and Latinos        
                                 Dental Care Access in Ohio                                                  

Second Series of Workshops: Building a Framework of Knowledge (Breakout rooms)

                                 Prosecuting Health Care Fraud/Affordable Care Act          

                                Understanding Health Equity and its Implications for Enhancing the Health of Latino Communities

                                Saving our Youth: Suicidality in the Latino Community 

                                A Picture of Latino Health in Ohio: Results from a 2011 LULAC Convention Health Survey 

Third Series of Workshops: Improving Service Delivery 

                                Developing Culturally Competent Nutrition Education Programs 

                                HIV Prevention, Testing and Case Management           

                                Patient Centered Medical Homes: Ohio's Transition to more effective,  collaborative and preventative primary care

                               Affordable Care Act: Information Session  

Fourth Series of Workshops: Improving Service Delivery 

                                  Focus Groups of Ohio Women: Working to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes among Women with a History of GestationalDiabetes 

                                  BREAST/Amigas Program: A Community Outreach Program to Improve the Breast Health of Uninsured Women
                                  through Early Detection 

                                  Compliance with Title VI:  Dealing with limited English proficiency  in the health field                                   

                                  Heart Health Education: Outreach for awareness and prevention