Our History

The Ohio Latino Affairs Commission is a state agency, established by Legislative Act and signed into Law by Governor James Rhodes on July 8, 1977. The Statute provided for eleven members on the board of commissioners appointed by the Governor with the advise and consent of the Senate. The Statute requires that all Board Members shall speak Spanish, shall be of Hispanic/Latino origin, and shall be American citizens or lawful, permanent residents. The membership shall be representative of the geographical and numerical distribution of Ohio’s Hispanic/Latino population. The commission shall meet not less than six times per calendar year, and six members shall constitute a quorum.

Our Vision & Purpose

Our Vision
The Commission on Hispanic-Latino Affairs exists to act as a liaison between government and the community.  

This role means that the Commission helps the community bring issues, concerns and needs to the attention of the government, while helping government to access the community to share their thoughts and services.

Our Purpose -   ADVISE • CONNECT • BUILD
The purpose of the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission is to advise state government on issues affecting Hispanic Ohioans, to connect the diverse Latino communities across the state, and to build the capacity of community organizations so they may better serve the fast growing population of Ohio.  

The commission serves as a liaison between government and the Hispanic/Latino community in Ohio and advocates the development and implementation of policies and programs to address the needs of the Hispanic/Latino Ohioans, especially but not limited to education, employment, economic development, health and housing.

Our Core Values

  • Building cooperation and understanding between Hispanic Ohioans and Government by providing Hispanics with information, resources and by informing the Governor, Legislature and state agencies about Hispanic issues throughout the State.

  • Collaborating with the community by promoting community awareness, education, engagement and inclusion in mainstream society to ensure Latinos are part of the foundation and fabric of the state.

  • Partnering with state agencies to create institutional change to assure equity and access to culturally competent programs and services for Latinos.

  • Identifying Hispanic Ohioans issues and concerns through public policy analysis and data driven outcome-based research in order to create awareness of issues to form the foundation for institutional and systemic change in the Ohio state government.

  • Engaging with the National Latino Agenda and aligning our initiatives with the efforts that seek the integration and empowerment of Hispanic and Latinos in the United States.

  • Planning the work of the commission based on strategic priorities that consistently impact and address the needs of the Latino community in Ohio. The strategic plan will be the road-map that will guide the Commission in identifying future initiatives and goals.

  • Encouraging new ideas and supporting openness and acceptance of differing ideas or beliefs. The commission respects the opinions of others and will provide a safe environment for all voices, opinions, ideas and beliefs.