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Organizations Development Center - Build
Organizations Development Office
Tel: (614) 728-8345
Latisha Jeffrey
Capacity Building
AmeriCorps Vista
(614) 387-3082

The vision of the Organizations Development Center of the Office of Hispanic/Latino Affairs is to be provide a force-multiplier in building the capacity of private-sector, not-for-profit community organizations working for the benefit of all Ohioans, with a specific focus on organizations for and by Latinos.
The mission of the Organizations Development Center (ODC) is to serve as the program office directly responsible for implementing the following statutory mandates:


  • Develop, coordinate, and assist other public and private organizations that serve Spanish-speaking people, including the conducting of training programs for community leadership and service project staff;
  • Review and approve grants to be made from federal, state, or private funds which are administered or subcontracted by the office of Spanish-speaking affairs;
  • Apply for and accept grants and gifts from governmental and private sources to be administered by the office or subcontracted to local agencies;
{Ohio Revised Code §121.32 (D,H) 121.33 (B)}

The ODC accomplishes these objectives by developing training programs for community leadership, and creating grant opportunities in partnership with Federal & State government, private foundations, and other sources of funding. In addition, the ODC monitors community programs of the Commission which are subcontracted to local community organizations - primarily those organizations of, by, and for Hispanic Ohioans, with a secondary focus on Hispanic-community-serving organizations.