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Latino Community Network - Connect

Lair Marin-Marcum
Community Liaison
(614) 728-8344
Jesse Dotson
Outreach & Social Media
(614) 387-3082

The vision of the Latino Community Network of the Office of Hispanic/Latino Affairs is to be the definitive hub of information for and about Hispanic Ohioans, an information resource for the benefit of all Ohioans, with a specific focus on connecting the diverse Latino communities of Ohio.

The Latino Community Network (LCN) serves as the program office directly responsible  to gather, disseminate information and conduct hearings, conferences, investigations, and special studies on problems and programs concerning Spanish-speaking people.  The program is also responsible for securing appropriate recognition of the accomplishments and contributions of Spanish-speaking people to this state, and  stimulating public awareness of the problems of Spanish-speaking people.  (Click here to read the complete list of statutory mandates.)

The LCN accomplishes its objectives by maintaining a database of Latino community organizations, conducting hearings and conferences, and organizing legislative visit days for Hispanic Ohioans. In addition, the LCN organizes the annual Distinguished Hispanic Ohioan Awards Gala with the full partnership of members of the Commission.